Ibrahim Jame Mosque is located in the heart of Hamilton Downtown. The building for the mosque was bought in 2004 and officially opened to the public for prayer in 2005. Apart from being a place of worship and community services for the Muslim community in Hamilton, the Ibrahim Jame Mosque is open to all visitors throughout the year wishing to find out more about a mosque and the Islamic faith. Over the years, the mosque has also conducted gatherings, lectures and workshops for community social and educational purposes.

Ibrahim Jame Mosque is a non-profit, non-political religious organization. Ibrahim Jame Mosque follows the traditional Islamic stance that Imams or preachers that provide essential services are not to be scripted by the Mosque for their sermons. As a result of this, Ibrahim Jame Mosque does not control the content of any speech from the pulpit. Anything mentioned within the sermons of our Imams or preachers are their own views and understanding and in no way are influenced by or represent Ibrahim Jame Mosque.

Ibrahim Jame Mosque